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Very disappointed

First, I would like to say that the app works flawlessly on my phone. It is quick and efficient. The reason why Im disappointed is the fact that it does not deliver what it promises: breweries/brew pubs wherever you go. While the creators did their homework in the US, it doesnt always seem to be the case in Canada. There are lots of great breweries in the great white north but several provinces are severely underrepresented. The "add a brewery" function is nice until you realize that you paid 5$ for the app. Had the app been free, it would have gotten a 5 stars. If Im paying 5$ for it in the Canadian App Store, I shouldnt have to do your homework... Hopefully this is addressed quickly!


Checked out the web page and the brewery search was a cool function. Tried the road trip function for a trip in going on and it just searched. For about 15 hours... So I figure the app would be better so I spent the $$ to download it. Road trip still doesnt work. Disappointed and out $ at this point. Will still use the "local" breweries but still... Will change if this gets fixed

Excellent app

Ive been using it for years and its awesome for road trips. A must have for any craft beer geek.

Made many a road trip more interesting

Love this! Discovered some great new places.

Amazing! Must have!

What an upgrade! Looks great, and is easy to use. A must have for road trips. The today widget is great as well. The only thing is I wish I could add Brewery Logos when they are missing. But no biggie.

Nice idea + poor data = useless

Recent "big update is a "big disappointment." Great idea, nice app, terrible data. Half the locations are either private or supposedly "planned." Many of these" are listed at mailbox stores or private homes--unhelpful. Other "planned" places are long abandoned. And no way to filter the map display? A new widget showing nearby places includes a brewpub closed for almost 10 years. But this place doesnt show on the app map -- so I guess thats OK? Not really. (The four star review here must come from someone connected to the developer.)


BreweryMap really upped their game with the new version. Definitely what well be using when traveling

Distance search broken! - Update

In previous versions you could search by distance easily and effectively. In this version you set the search distance in the "Settings" app however making any changes there does not affect the results inside the BreweryMap app, it appears searches are hard limited to 15 miles now. Very unfortunate, two stars down from five. Update: they have now removed the distance search feature from the app and from the settings. This has really limited the usefulness of this app. A 50 mile search was about right, 15 miles is a joke.

Use it all the time

Every trip we take, I use BreweryMap to find new breweries/brewpubs.

Very helpful app

We use the app every time we travel. If you email them about updates, they update right away.

Traveling boozer

I travel quite a bit and I enjoy craft beer, this app has helped me link the two with ease.

Best. Brewery. Finding. App. Ever

This is the best app yet for locating breweries. I should know I travel full time in an RV visiting breweries and brewpubs across the nation and this app has helped me find breweries I never new existed. I Have yet to run across a brewery not in their database.


Been to nearly 400 breweries - this is a great tool to make sure I know whats in an area. Important to check websites and make sure they are in business yet, allow visitors, and see hours. Well worth the $. I often cross reference with beeradvocate rating.

Will find beer

This app is great! Ive used it to find some great breweries to try. The only thing that would make it even better is to be able to use my current position to start a road trip. I do love that I can bookmark road trips.

Brewery Hopper

This is the best brewery locator app Ive used to date. It is suprisingly up to date and includes not only very recent additions but breweries still in planning. You can also go in and add details about a brewery that might be missing. Only thing missing is a way to mark off breweries visited.

Great app for road trips

Kudos to pintlabs. They have written a great, easy to use app. Its affordable and they are very responsive to submitted corrections, additions and suggestions.


If youre a brewery hunter and take road trips often, then this is for you!

A top beer-related app

This app is fantastic for finding breweries in your area, and the brewery road trip mapping feature is awesome. I just recently downloaded this one and I like it a lot.

Best beer app around

For the beer tourist whose first question when arrived in a new city is whats the local beer scene like?, this is the app for you. The brewery road trip feature is pretty cool as well if you, as I do, often tweak the car trip itinerary based on the breweries on the way. All in all, a great resource that nothing else really matches.

Just what I was looking for! But add reviews!

Simple and necessary. The only thing I would add is a review feature, so you can brag about your favorite local breweries and hear from local people when youre in a different town.

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