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It used to work!

After enjoying this app for two years or more, I am disappointed to say that the app no longer works. When I search a location the icon just spins and spins. I am planning a trip in a few weeks and was looking forward to using this app to find some breweries along the way. Hopefully I will be fixed by then.

Great app for travel

We always use this app when traveling to map out a brewery or two to stop at. It would be nice if you could mark which ones youve been to or whether you liked them, but overall this app has a lot of good info and is awesome for finding som hidden gem breweries.

Nothing works

Im not sure why, but the app cant find Dogfish Head and Im just ten miles away. Nothing seems to work on this app anymore. Excellent concept, poor maintenance.

Its a good start

If you type in a search it does provide good results but you have to type in your current location if you want results. There should be a default to be able to select current location like map apps. Currently while in MA if I search current location I get breweries in MO. I think it would be nice to be to tag/rate brews that youve sampled.


I have used the app all over the country and its always directed me to some brewery gems. Love the adventure of finding a new brewery.

Nice idea; poor data

Great idea, nice app, terrible info. They show a nearby brew pub thats been closed for 6 years. Others listing have inaccurate data. "Planned" breweries are often listed at mailbox stores or private homes--unhelpful.

Perfect For the Traveling Beer Knurd

I travel for work and live by this app for my after hours brewery visits in other cities.


Love this app

Great app!

I have discovered so many breweries (both in my city and on road trips) using this app. Highly recommend it!


Definitely worth the money. Great app!

Use it all the time.

Works well

Brewery map!

Its great, and wish it would have distilleries. But definitely the best.


This app is quite useful when traveling. I use it to determine where Im staying.


Use it all the time when traveling to find nearby breweries.

BreweryMap rocks!

Awesome app to discover/visit breweries that just opened, that you never realized where there or while traveling. A must have!

Good, but needs a few finer adjustments...

If youre looking for an app to help find craft beer and breweries, this is it! Only things needed to finish it off as the best is all listed breweries/brewpubs information should be listed. Most are missing information, like hours of operation, their web address, and most importantly, the beers they serve. Also, the app needs a favorites or save listing, so users can save places they love or wish to visit later on down the road, whether theyre local or out of state.

Very Cool!

Very cool concept! As long as this keeps getting updated, this is an awesome app to have on hand

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